If you want to flirt on Tinder download Apk and don't understand how this dating app works. Get to know the main features you need to know to use this popular social network.


Apk download Tinder

  • Once inside the Tinder download Apk you see that a card type appears with the name, age and photo of the people who are in your city or region – hence the importance of GPS – so that you swipe right or left. These movements have meaning:
  • Swipe right: Like (liked)
  • Swipe left: Dislike (didn't like it)
  • Swipe up: Superlike
  • When you happen to like someone and they will also have the so-called Match, the heart of the Tinder operation.
  • This means that you liked each other and can start chatting in a private chat. In the Tinder download Apk, you can't talk to anyone who hasn't given you the Like before.
  • Superlike is something different. Serves as a "warning" to the person receiving to see a notification. The problem with this Superlike is that this person can't instantly see that it was you who gave it to you.
  • What made this app innovative is precisely the system by which you can decide who you like and who you don't.

How to use Apk download Tinder

The operation of the Tinder download Apk is simple and this explains success, both in number of users and in revenue.

The first step to getting into the Tinder download Apk is obviously download the app. To use this tool it is necessary to have connection internet and GPS, two essential requirements for using your app.

Obviously, as you will see on the first screen displayed, to access the Tinder download Apk and create a profile. You also need to link the facebook account or provide your phone number.

While this can be a major drawback to many people who fear that all your Facebook friends know they are on Tinder, there's a way to hide from your friends that you have the Tinder download Apk.

Then create your profile. With this information, your partners will know more about you.

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