Be Original – Open Your Account

Be Original – Open Your Account

The Original bank wants to establish itself among the largest banks of the country. To achieve your goal is offering advantages that others banks do not offer, in addition to traditional banking products and services.

If you have already opened or will open your inevitable account you will have to download apk Original bank because all management is by this application.

Be Original – Open Your Account

Download apk bank Original

  • The Original bank is fully digital, so the Original Bank apk download is not only an option, but a requirement for you to open an account at this institution or make the credit card aggregate to that account.
  • Download the Original bank apk is ideal for those who love technology and bother with queues and bureaucracies of conventional financial institutions.
  • One of the main reasons why people download original bank apk is the rewards program, in which part of the invoice amount returns to you. Yes, you put the expenses you already do normally and the bank returns you a considerable amount of the expense.
  • However, for this it is indispensable that you have downloaded apk Original bank. To assist in the service we find a virtual assistant shaped with artificial intelligence.
  • By being part of the Original bank you will have the opportunity to join the unlimited package to avoid transaction fees that other banks have.
  • If you need money or want to deposit, there is the 24-hour ATM network. For sure, you should remember some self-service near you where you are, so you do the original bank apk download right now.
  • If you have a friend who is thinking of opening an account you can indicate it through the app. As a reward when you are a person opening the bank account you can receive up to R $ 50 each indication you make.
Be Original – Open Your Account

How the Original Bank apk download works

After downloading apk Original bank in addition to requesting the opening your own, you may not intervene from third parties:


Hire personal credit

Request overdraft

Ask for your credit card

Unlock cards and passwords

Pay bills with your phone

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