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From live video streaming to real-time interaction, BIGO lets you stream your life, connect with your favorite friends, fans and transmitters, and follow them. BIGO LIVE, which is creating a completely modernized world of connection and sharing, has reached 400 million users worldwide. Don't wait – Join us, broadcast your life, win fans.———❤KEY FEATURES ❤ ——— Someone is challenging you! New function has arrived! Challenge your friends who are doing Live and the loser has to accept the punishment! Do you have the guts to prove it? New! Join the Multi-Guest chat nowThe Multi-Invite room is a much more fun way to interact with others. See what the groups are talking about and doing, and join them. Imagine what crazy and funny it is! Go LIVESing, dancing, eating, chatting… Just broadcast what you're doing with nothing more than a smartphone. Watch Live StreamsExplore the amazing world through thousands of live videos or search for streams by location or topic. Streaming GameplayWatch your favorite games, show your gameplay, meet players like you and play games together. Vlogging Your LifeTransform your life and talent into creative vlog and discover all the vlogs you love. Real-time interactionChat with transmitters, send them gifts, or join Lives. Guest LiveInvite your friends to co-host your show! People NearbyFind interesting people around you through live streaming and short videos.More innovative and interesting functions are coming soon…Follow us for news and updates:BIGO LIVE Official Website: https://www.bigo.tvFacebook: users of BIGO LIVE, if you have comments and suggestions, please send to: [email protected]: