Create stickers for WhatsApp

Create stickers for WhatsApp

Creating stickers for WhatsApp is a fever that looks like it won't go out of style simply because it's fun. AD download Create stickers for WhatsApp helps in this process.

Create stickers for WhatsApp

Apk Download Create stickers for WhatsApp

A Download Apk Create Stickers for WhatsApp is the app that gives you the opportunity to also make your contacts laugh with the pictures Sent.

A Download Apk Create Stickers for WhatsApp has the advantage of being a simple tool and therefore you have to spend a lot of time to create a lot of images that become fun for weeks send to your contacts.

Maybe you have the typical funny friend who's already Took advantage of the worst picture of you to create a sticker with your face. This case, the Apk download Create stickers for WhatsApp helps you undo this injustice, avenging himself from him, without much complication.

How to use Apk Download Create stickers for WhatsApp?

Create stickers for WhatsApp
  • After installing the Apk download Create stickers for WhatsApp. Click Create a new sticker pack and give a name and authorship that you want.  After the package is created, when you tap the name, a new window opens.
  • Inside, you will have to select one photo as main and at least three photographs to create your sticker pack. Just tap one of the icons and click Open Gallery to be able to select the images in your gallery.
  • After uploading the photo, you must draw with your finger the area you want to become a sticker and tap Save. As an example, you can take a part of your face.
  •  If you've already chosen the main image and the three (or more) photos that will compose the sticker pack, just tap the Add to WhatsApp button that you'll see in the lower area.
  • With these simple steps, you can create and send to WhatsApp your own sticker pack with photos of your face. Of course, you can use as you like (including to return to your friend funny photo of it).

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