Ame Digital

Means of payment, return on amount paid (cashback) and sales with credit card without machine all this download apk Ame Digital does. So it's time to download your app.

Ame Digital

Download apk Ame Digital

  • Apk Ame Digital download allows you to use the app that loads a new method of payment by your smartphone purchases made in partner app stores.
  • With apk apk Digital download you can transfer, deposit, recharge mobile phone and more, via application. To buy Lojas Americanas, on the websites of, Shoptime, Submarino, Soubarato and partner establishments you display the QR code and ready.
  • The best download apk Ame Digital is a percentage of some items you pay in these stores returns to your account. In addition to shopping, other things you can do is buy Single Ticket tickets and travel vouchers at Cabify.
  • You can pay on the Gift Card card; hire Helpie services; not to mention the payment of consumption bills such as water, gas, electricity, internet, landline, cell phone bill, cable TV.
  • Other elements you can pay by downloading Ame Digital apk the Single Ticket tickets is the IPVA and fines, IPTU, DARF and GRU.  In the same app with apk Ame Digital download are other forms of payment such as buying ticket for events.
  • You can download Ame Digital apk and use the application for donations within the tool. The options allow you to select from multiple organizations. You who also decide how donation will be done per day or monthly.
Ame Digital

How it works download apk Ame Digital

After downloading apk Ame Digital you will see right on the home screen, the icon to Create My Ame Account. Then fill in the personal data, register mobile number and email. To validate the smartphone an SMS is sent to later, finally create a password.

The next step will be to deposit money in the contra to carry out purchases, deposits or transfer of amounts. Many forms of payment through a single application download apk Ame Digital.

Ame Digital apk download has a differentiated system for meet your need.

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