Screen Recorder

Capture the highlights in one tap! Vidma Recorder is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor for screen recording! Use Vidma Screen Recorder to record screen without limited time! Why choose Vidma to record screen?• Facecam screen recorder• Free screen recorder with audio• No limit recording time to record videos• Easy-to-use screen recorder with shortcuts• An app to record videos without root• Brush screen recorder and no watermark• Video recorder and full screen capture with editing tools• Screenshot with this video recording and screen recording app Highlights:• Free mobile screen recorder with high quality resolution (1080p, 60fps)• Screen recorder with audio: Record videos with music• Video recorder and screen capture without crash: Record videos fluently with Android devices• Rootless video recorder: No need to root for recording• Record screen, share your videos and screenshot with your friends• Export your videos and share the screenshot easilyScreen recorder with video editing tools • Rotate and crop videos in Vidma Screen Recorder.• Editing for videos after recording screen: Remove the middle part of the video or the beginning and end of the recorded moment.• Video producer for music – add music to your recorded video• Speed control: Speed up or slow down your recording with this screen recorder to record screen• Stickers and cool texts to make your video stand out after recording screen• Export and upload your unique videos on social networks after recording screenDownload Vidma Screen Recorder to make recordings, and share your videos with your friends!Did you like Vidma Screen Recorder? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us: Disagree: [email protected] Attention- The internal sound recording is only available for the Android Q system and above.- Does the recording show a black image? Some apps may disable the screen recording feature by hiding the copyright screen recorder app part and privacy issues.- Be aware that two apps cannot use the microphone simultaneously. If another app is using the microphone, the videos recorded in Vidma Screen Recorder will be muted.Disclaimer:* Vidma Screen Recorder is not associated with any social networking platform.* Vidma Screen Recorder features are offered for personal, non-commercial use only.* Users will be solely responsible for any intellectual property infringement arising from screen recording.* Vidma Screen Recorder never collects personal files from users without permission. All recorded files are saved locally on your device. Neither we nor third parties can access them.