Digital Traffic Wallet

Digital Traffic Wallet

Recently created the Apk download Digital Traffic Card does not let anyone get tense by forgetting the driver's license or car documents. You hardly forget your phone, so you probably won't forget that document either.

Digital Traffic Wallet

Apk Wallet download Digital Traffic

  • Apk download Digital Traffic Card is "two in one", ie is an application that has a digital version of the driver's license (famous CNH) and car documents (known in the DMV by CLRV).
  • Best of all, having the digital version of these documents does not cancel out the physical form. This means that you have a CNH and the traditional documents that you leave in the car and also a valid copy, accepted by law with the Apk download Digital Transit Wallet.
  • The Apk Download Digital Traffic Wallet is great, especially if more than one person in your home uses the vehicle. The application allows more than one person to have the digital version of a vehicle's document, but only a virtual CNH.
  • To assess the veracity of these documents a QR code is used. Therefore, it is an authentic, reliable and integrates this system for use of vehicle documentation and driver's license by mobile phone.
  • The virtual wallet can be presented to police officers and traffic agents when requested. There is also the possibility of printing documents, but they are only valid for those who have digital signature, in which case the printing is in PDF.
Digital Traffic Wallet

How to put the CNH and/or vehicle documents in the Apk download Digital Traffic Wallet?

After installing the Apk download Digital Wallet from Traffic you will have four sections to visit Driver' License, Vehicle, Infractions and Vehicle. To register the CNH you will have to validate the QR code, the documents issued from 2017 already comes with this information.

If your wallet does not have a QR code, you will have to request a new way to finally make the digital version of your document.

For vehicle documentation, enter the data contained in the in the original document, wait for system authentication.

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