VivaVideo – Video and Video Editor with Photos

VivaVideo – Video and Video Editor with Photos

You may have seen beautiful productions made with photos of friends in videos and with music. Know that you can get the same with the VivaVideo download Apk.

VivaVideo – Video and Video Editor with Photos

Apk download VivaVideo, New Year

  • The VivaVideo download Apk is a professional editing application. It is an audiovisual editor that offers the option of displaying sliders, called Photo Movie.
  • With the Apk download VivaVideo you can put title in the video, make transitions between images, add effects, stickers, filters and more.
  • You can customize photos and videos in a simple and intuitive way with the Apk VivaVideo download.
  • Apk Download VivaVideo is a complete application that allows users to record and edit videos with various tools to convert a simple video, like the ones you upload by WhatsApp, for example, with all professional creation.
  • You have up to 200 effects to customize recordings such as transitions, music, voiceovers, themes, etc. To take photos you can choose from several options for capturing effects.
  • With the app you can create a story from various clips and even create videos with singing duets, etc. Using the VivaVideo download Apk you can have fun with friends or family with up to 9 lens effects. All videos you can save and share.
  • Mastering the operation of the VivaVideo download Apk will be faster the creation of the videos.
VivaVideo – Video and Video Editor with Photos

How to use Apk Download VivaVideo

After installing the Apk vivavideo download you can download the images and start cropping, splitting, duplicating and also changing the speed and silence their creations, among other possibilities. Just touching us icons of the extensive menu.

If you want to share the creation outside the Download Apk Vivavideo, vivavideo. You have two options or export to your mobile gallery to view on the device with a player or even to share the video on the social networks or other services like YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Vine, Snapchat etc.

These are some of the features that this application offers, in the however, to really know the potential of this tool, there is nothing better than downloading Apk download and start testing.

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